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Raspberry Pi is a very good and useful device for aspiring hackers.who want  a portable and powerfull device for hacking. What is Raspberry Pi ? The Raspberry Pi is a very low cost, debit-card sized computer that can be connected to monitor or TV, with a simple keyboard and mouse. It is a capable small  gadget that enables people to learn computer s, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python and even it can be used for ethical hacking . It’s capable of doing almost all things that you usually do with your computer like browsing internet, watching vedios,gameing etc. How Is Raspberry Pi Useful For Hackers?   If you’re an aspiring hacker, you ought to be learning the maximum amount as you'll about how computers work and the way you'll exploit their built-in vulnerabilities. This learning can are available many forms. you'll read books, watch YouTube videos, enroll in dedicated hacking courses – beat an attempt to know how hacking works. But there’s ano

Top 6 Tools for Ethical hacking in 2020

Top 6 Tools for Ethical hacking in 2020

What are theft devices?

Hacking tools are computer programs and scripts that help you find and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, web applications, servers, and networks. There are many such devices available in the market. Some of them are open source, while others are a commercial solution.

In this list, we highlight 20 main tools for ethical hacking of web applications, servers and networks.

1) Netscape

Netscape is an easy-to-use web application security scanner that can automatically detect SQL injection, XSS, and other vulnerabilities in your web applications and web services. It is available as a local solution and SAAS.


Accurate and dead vulnerability detection with exclusive test-based scanning technology.
A minimum configuration is required. The scanner automatically detects URL rewrite rules, custom 404 error pages.
REST API for seamless integration with SDLC, error tracking system etc.
Fully Scalable Solution. Scan 1,000 web applications in just 24 hours.

2) Acunetics

Acunetix is ​​a fully automated ethical theft solution that mimics a hacker to stay one step ahead of malicious intruders. The Web Application Security Scanner accurately scans HTML5, JavaScript, and single page applications. You can audit complex and authenticated web applications and issue compliance and management reports on a wide range of network and web vulnerabilities.


Scan all injection variants of SQL, XSS and more than 4500 additional vulnerabilities
Detects more than 1200 vulnerabilities of core, themes and WordPress plugins
Fast and Scalable: tracks thousands of thousands of pages without interruption
Integrates with popular WAF and problem trackers to help SDLC
Available on campus and as a cloud solution.

3) ImmuniWeb®

The ImmuniWeb® AI platform provides a full spectrum of application security tests, asset discovery, attack surface management, dark web monitoring, and continuous security monitoring solutions designed for DevSecOps.

With ImmuniWeb you get:

Low complexity and low operating costs.
Overall visibility of your assets and digital risks.
Priority-based and risk-aware testing.
Full Integration of DevSecOps

4) SaferVPN

SaferVPN is an indispensable tool in an arsenal of ethical hackers. You may need this to verify the purpose in different geographic areas, simulate non-personalized browsing behavior, anonymous file transfers, etc.


VPN without registration with high security and anonymity
Very high speed with over 2000 servers on all continents.
Located in Hong Kong, it does not store any data.
Split tunnel and 5 simultaneous login
24/7 support
Supports Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iPhone, etc.
Over 300,000 IPs
Port Forwarding, Dedicated IO and P2P Security
31 day money back guarantee

5) Burp Suits:

Burp Suite is a useful platform for testing web application security. Its various devices work perfectly together to support the entire pen testing process. This extends from initial mapping to analysis of the attack surface of an application.


It can detect over 3000 web application vulnerabilities.

Scan open source software and custom applications
An easy-to-use login sequence recorder allows automatic scanning
Review vulnerability data with built-in vulnerability management.
Easily provide a variety of technical and compliance reports.
Find critical weaknesses with 100% accuracy
Automatic tracking and scanning
Advanced scan function for manual testers
Sophisticated scanning logic

6) Ettercap:

Ettercap is an ethical piracy tool. It supports active and passive dissection, includes features of network and host analysis.


This is compatible with active and passive dissection of several protocols.
ARP Poisoning feature to detect on switched LANs between two hosts
Characters can be injected into the server or client while maintaining a live connection
Ettercap is capable of detecting a full duplex SSH connection
This allows secure HTTP data to be tracked by proxy
Allows the creation of custom add-ons using the Ettercap API
Download Link:


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